Second Announcement and Call for Papers


The 17th ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related Research is organised and sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA) Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) on the Special Project Concerning the Launching of Sounding Rockets. The Andøya Rocket Range (ARR) will be the local organiser of the Symposium, while ESA/PAC will provide the scientific and technological programme.

Purpose of this Symposium

This Symposium will be the seventeenth in a series of symposia arranged since 1973 to advance the progress in scientific disciplines utilising sounding rockets, balloons and ground-based techniques. The subjects to be addressed will encompass all programmes and relevant techniques that need to be taken into account when planning or executing sounding rocket and/or balloon projects. The scope of the Symposium includes related ground-based, aircraft and satellite research, developments in technology, range facilities, and education. Future developments of all these activities should be highlights of the Symposium.

Scientists and engineers are offered the opportunity to report on their latest achievements and plans for the future. Range authorities and experimenters will thus be able to prepare for more efficient and intensified collaboration. The Symposium will also address important topics in the education of researchers and engineers in space and atmospheric science, and will provide opportunities for students to meet with the professionals in the field.

These symposia have become widely recognised occasions for efficient communication between scientists, engineers, project managers, administrators, teachers and students.

Symposium lecturers will address scientific highlights. Invited review papers will present the state of scientific and technical knowledge. Contributed oral and poster papers are solicited. Opportunities for special project meetings and working group discussions will be provided.

The Proceedings of the Symposium (ESA SP-590) will be published by ESA’s Publications Division and distributed to all participants approximately three months after the Symposium.