In Closing

Dear participants of the ESA/PAC Symposium in Bad Reichenhall,

As chairman of the Symposium Programme Committee (SPC) I would like to thank you again for attending our symposium.
I left Bad Reichenhall with the impression that we had a very inspiring and successful conference. Certainly, many new and exciting results were presented on a high international standard.

Please do not forget to submit your contribution to the proceedings of this symposium (SP-671). Don't hesitate to contact Marie-Pierre if you have questions.

As mentioned during the conference dinner I sincerely thank my colleagues from the SPC and the Symposium Organizing Committee for their excellent work, in particular Marie-Pierre and Wolfgang from ESA-ESTEC, Peter, Alexander, and Bettina from MORABA, and Otfried and Rainer from DLR. I also thank the representatives of the member states in the SPC for their continuous and very fruitful support.

The organizing committees hope that you all enjoyed your stay in Bad Reichenhall.

I hope to seeing you again soon,

Franz-Josef Luebken

Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Luebken
Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Schloss-Str. 6
18225 Kuehlungsborn
Phone: --49-38293-68100 (-0)
Fax:     --49-38293-6850
Email: luebken@iap-kborn.de
url: www.iap-kborn.de

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