PAC 2009 Proceedings Book (48MB)


Session Chairmen


National Reports

National Report on Sounding Rocket and Balloon Research Activities within the German Space Programme
R. Kuhl, A. Friker, D. Friedrichs & C. Gritzner
National Report on Swedish Space Activities – General Overview with a Focus on Balloons and Rockets
K. Dannenberg
Sounding Rocket and Balloon Activities and Related Research in Switzerland 2007 - 2009
M. Egli & M. Cogoli-Greuter
Strategic Assessment of Sounding Rockets as Vehicles for Scientific Study in Canada
L. Artman, J. Manuel & P. Johnson-Green
Recent Activities and Future Direction of Japanese Sounding Rocket Experiments for Scientific Purpose
T. Abe, M. Nakamura, N. Ishii & Y. Inatani
An Overview of the NASA Sounding Rockets and Balloon Programs
P.J. Eberspeaker & D.D. Gregory


Symposium Lectures

Containerless Processing of Liquid Metals in Microgravity
I. Egry
Understanding Currents and Waves by Measuring Electric and Magnetic Fields with Souding Rockets
P.M. Kintner Jr.



The Hybrid Plasma Probe: A Unique Combination for Plasma Probes for In Situ Space Environment Characterization
A.T. Kummer, S.G. Bilén, R.T. Fissinger & B.A. Herrold HF Observations in the Auroral Ionosphere Using a Digital Impedance Probe
C.T. Steigies, R.F. Pfaff Jr. & D.E. Rowland
More Details on the Internal Magnetic Field by Separate Field Models Referred to the Earth's Ground and to Different
Balloon and Satellite Altitudes

W.A. Webers
“Where is the Turbopause?” Rocket Campaign: Overview and First Results
G.A. Lehmacher, M.F. Larsen, S. Bilén et al.
Geomagnetic Dipole Intensity Decrease During Last Decade
A. Levitin, L. Gromova, S. Filippov & T. Zvereva
Sporadic-E Plasma Irregularities under Intensification of Turbulent Mixing
Y. Kyzyurov
Observation and Analysis of Polar Mesospheric Winter Echoes Modulated by Artificial Electron Heating
O. Havnes, C. La Hoz, M.T. Rietveld et al.
On the Sizes, Charges and Effects of Dust Particles in Polar Mesospheric Winter Echoes
O. Havnes, M. Kassa, G.E. Morfill & C. La Hoz
LIMA Model Trends of Mesospheric Ice Layers and Comparison with Lidar Observations at Alomar
F-J. Lübken, U. Berger, G. Baumgarten & J. Fiedler
Small-Scale Structures in Neutral and Plasma Species in the Middle Atmosphere as Observed During the
ECOMA Rocket Campaigns

B. Strelnikov, M. Rapp, I. Strelnikova et al.
In Situ Studies of Meteor Smoke Particles in the Middle Atmosphere During the ECOMA-Rocket Campaigns
I. Strelnikova, M. Rapp, B. Strelnikov et al.
A Case Study of Extrem Aspect Sensitive VHF Radar Backscatter in the Vicinity of PMSE During the
ECOMA 2008 Rocket Campaign

N. Engler, W. Singer, R. Latteck et al.
In Situ Observations of a Dying Sporadic E-Layer
M.Friedrich, K. Torkar, M. Rapp et al.
A Trans-European Network of Cameras for Observation of Noctilucent Clouds from 37ºN to 69ºN
G. Baumgarten, M. Gerding, B. Kaifler & N. Müller
Wind Measurements with the ALOMAR RMR-Lidar: Method Description and Initial Results
J. Hildebrand, G. Baumgarten, J. Fiedler & F.-J. Lübken
Measurement of Contributors to Atmospheric Climate Change
C.R. Philbrick & H. Hallen
Assimilation of Satellite-Based Aerosol Measurements in a Chemical Transport Model Using Aerosol Component

D. Martynenko, T. Holzer-Popp & M. Schroedter-Homscheidt
A Neutral Gas Mass Spectrometer to Measure the Chemical Composition of the Stratosphere
D. Abplanalp, P. Wurz, M. Wieser & S. Barabash Observations of Water Vapour on Board Long-Duration Super Pressure Balloon Using
Flash-B Lyman-Alpha Hygrometer
A. Lykov, S. Khaykin, V. Yushkov et al.
Development and Characterization of the Balloon Borne Instrument Telis (TErahertz and Submm Limb Sounder):
1.8 THz Receiver

N. Suttiwong, M. Birk, G. Wagner et al.
Envisat/Sciamachy Validation with the LPMA / DOAS / Mini-DOAS Balloon Gondola: Comparison of O3, NO2 and
BrO profiles

M. Dorf, L. Kritten, S. Kreycy et al.
Balloon-Borne Hot Wire Anemometer for Stratospheric Turbulence Soundings
M. Gerding, A. Theuerkauf, O. Suminska et al.
COBRAT Project: Long Duration Balloons for the Study of High Energy Phenomena and Consequence for
Stratospheric Chemistry

J-B. Renard, G. Berthet, V. Catoire et al.
Cosmic Ray Influence on Atmospheric Physics & Chemistry: Importance of Balloon Observations Using
L. Dorman


New Techniques & Instrumentation

Auroral Diagnostics for PoGOLite Astrophysical Balloon
O. Jokiaho, N. Ivchenko, H. Dahlgren et al.
New Mobile Eurolaunch Command, -Tracking- A. Data Acquisition Station
L. Altenbuchner
STRATOBUS: A Multiuser Platform System for Making Access to LDB Flight Easier and Cheaper
A. Boscaleri, F.Castagnoli, P. Rissone & M. Corti
E-LINK, High Speed Transparent Ethernet TM System and Future Development
L.-O. Jönsson
Trends in Aeronautical Wideband Telemetry Applicable to Science Missions with Aircraft & Balloon
G. Mayer
Developing a Gliding Spacecraft to Flight over Titan
J-M Giron-Sierra, H. Garcia de Marina & F. Pereda
Scientific Balloon Flights from Esrange
O. Widell, S. Kemi & L. Poromaa
The New MST Radar on Andøya/Norway
R. Latteck, W. Singer, M. Rapp & T. Renkwitz
A Full Duplex Telemetry System for Long Duration Stratospheric Balloons
S. Cecchini, S. Cortiglioni, E. Caroli et al.
Aeolus – Wind Weighting Program and Concept for Unguided Suborbital Launch Vehicles
W. Jung, R. de Magalhães Gomes, J.E. Louis & O. de Souza
Neto Conceptual Design of Reusable Sounding Rocket
S. Nonaka, H. Ogawa, Y. Naruo & Y. Inatani
Rate Control Systems for Plant Parameters Uncertainties
A. de Jesus Teixeira
IGAS (Innovative GPS Antenna System) – A Novel GPS Antenna Concept for Spin-Stabilized Sounding Rockets
M. Markgraf, F. Hassenpflug, J. Ettl & P. Turner
Guidance, Navigation & Control Systems. Review, Analysis and Future Designs
L. Ljunge
SHEFEX 2 – Development Status of the Vehicle and Sub-Systems for a Hypersonic Re-Entry Flight Experiment
J. Turner, M. Hörschgen, J. Ettl et al.
Small Recoverable Payload for Deployable Sounding Rocket Experiments
T. Sundberg, N. Ivchenko, D. Borglund et al.
European Recovery System (ERS)
M. Hörschgen, H. Pfeuffer & T. Janke
Rate Control System for Sounding Rockets
J. Ettl & J. Pfänder
New Flight Qualified Payload by AndØya Rocket Range
L.H. Surdal & G. Hansen
Structural Dynamic Analysis of a Recoverable Orbital Platform Experiments Module
A.C. Arantes Filho & L.E.V. Loures da Costa
An Evaluation of Digital Anti-Aliasing Filter for Space Telemetry System
A. de Oliveira Moraes, J.A. Azevedo Duarte & S. Fugivara
New Techniques and Instrumentation – TEXUS Service Module (TSM)
H. Pfeuffer, J. Ettl & F. Haßenpflug
RAMSES & MAXUS-8 – Using an ECSS and CCSDS Compliant Control System in Sounding Rockets to Process
PCM Data

M. Battelino, C. Svärd, A. Carlsson et al.
Sounding Rocket Trajectory Simulation and Optimization with ASTOS
F. Cremaschi, S. Weikert, A. Wiegand et al.
Viability of Reusing Electronic Circuits in Payloads
H.A. Carneiro Procópio & I. de Andrade Azevedo
A Study of the Internal Boundary Layer and Turbulence Generated at the Alcântara Launching Center
G. Fisch, A.C. Avelar, L. Bassi Marinho Pires et al.
Design of a Measurement Bus for Payload Telemetry and Command Data Handling
A. Zigiotto & M. Wittkamp


Life & Physical Sciences

Effect of Microgravity on Thyroid Cells
E. Albi, F.S. Ambesi-Impiombato, E. Damaskopuolou et al.
Measurement of Dendrite Growth on Al-Ni Alloys in Reduced Gravity
R. Lengsdorf, P. Galenko & D. Herlach The Future for Research Balloons in Europe
N. Harris & H. Oelhaf
Analysis and Interpretation of MAXUS-7 Experiments MACE on Columnar-Equiaxed Solidification in Al-Si Alloys
L. Sturz & G. Zimmermann
Investigation of the Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition During Solidification of a Transparent Alloy Using a
TEXUS Module

G. Zimmermann, L. Sturz, B. Schmitz & I. Meyer
TEXUS and MAXUS: An Overview of the Latest Developments for the Future
A. Schütte
The MASER 11 Microgravity Rocket Flight
G. Florin, K. Löth, A Værnéus et al.
Sounding Rocket COMPERE Experiment (SOURCE) Module on MASER 11
A Vaernéus, M Lundin, M Ångerman et al.
BIOMICS Experiment: Structure and Dynamics of a Vesicle Suspension in a Shear Flow
T. Podgorski, N. Callens, C. Minetti et al.
Digital Video System Performance on MASER 11
D. Titomanlio, G. Capuano, M. Severi & F. Cacace
X-Ray Diagnostics for Use in Microgravity Experiments
Y. Houltz, P. Holm, P. Andersson et al.
Metallic Foam Experiment on MASER 11
F. Garcia-Moreno, C. Jimenez, M. Mukherjee & J. Banhart
Selection of Dimensions and Geometry of a Structured Scintillator for X-Ray Imaging
A. Sahlholm, O. Svenonius, C. Näsgårde et al.
MAPHEUS-1: Vehicle, Subsystem Design, Flight Performance and Experiments
A. Stamminger, J. Ettl, G. Blochberger et al.
NOX Measurements in the Combustion of an N-Decane Droplet Array Under Microgravity Conditions on TEXUS #46
K.G. Moesl, T. Sattelmayer, M. Kikuchi & S. Yoda



EISCAT 3D – European New Technology Atmospheric and Space Environment Radar Arrays
E. Turunen & the EISCAT 3D Design Study Team
Swedish Space Corporation Activities within National and International Balloon and Rocket Projects
C. Lockowandt & S. Kemi
Experience in International Balloon Campaigns in Russia
D. Shifrin & V. Yushkov
General Objectives and Results of the 2008 CNES Balloons Workshop
D. Vassaux & R. Bonneville
The Future for Research Balloons in Europe
N. Harris & H. Oelhaf
Forty Years of Cooperation Between DLR/MORABA and CTA/IAE
A.F Palmerio, M.M. Dolinsky & P. Turner



The First Two Years of the REXUS/BEXUS Student Programme
M. Roth, P. Magnusson & H. Page
Student Education During the REXUS-BEXUS Projects
H. Hellmann, O.Persson, A. Stamminger & A. Schmidt
Nordic Ionospheric Sounding Rocket Seeding Experiment (NISSE)
V. Hølland, T. Pitkänen, G. Baumann et al.
MONDARO Student Experiment on the REXUS Sounding Rocket
D. Petzsch, R. Barth, R. Matschos et al.
A Low Cost Inertial Navigation Experiment Onboard Balloons
T. Buccilli, A. Folino, E. Medaglia et al.
MEDIPIX Cosmic Ray Tracking Device on BEXUS-7 Strastospheric Balloon Flight
J. Urbar, J. Scheirich & J. Jakubek
The Aurora Experiment: Overview and Preliminary Results
M. Lettiero, A. Pecorario, M.L. Battagliere et al.
A Prototype for In-Flight Acquisition and Post-Flight Analysis of Strastospheric Aerosols
M. Siegl, G. Holl, M. Fittock et al.
First Results of High Resolution Balloon-Borne Turbulence Measurements in the Strastosphere
A. Theuerkauf, M. Gerding & F.-J. Lübken
The Student Space Programs Laboratory: Fostering Student Space Systems Education and Research within a
University Environment

S.M. DeVore, A.T. Kummer, B.C. Schratz & S.G. Bilén
The Norwegian Student Satellite Program, ANSAT
J. Antonsen & T. Houge
Norwegian CanSat Competition Pilot
T. Wang & R. Vandeberg
A Hybrid Rocket Approach to Space Education
T. Houge & L.H. Surdal
SP.ACE 2007-2009: Building and Mastering Tools and Technologies for Space Education in High School
E. de Schrijver
SP.ACE: Secondary School Students Sensing the Strastosphere, Measuring Magnetism & Riding Rockets
S. Bettens, F. Blanckaert, S. Cornelis et al.
REXUS-4: Vehicle and Subsystem Design, Flight Performance and Experiments

A. Stamminger, M. Czech, H. Griebel et al.


Astrophysics & Astronomy

The Titan Balloon
J. Blamont
A Balloon Borne Laue Lens Telescope for Gamma Ray Astronomy
F. Frontera, E. Caroli, N. Auricchio et al.
Hard X-Ray CZT Detector Development and Testing on Stratospheric Balloon Payloads
S. Del Sordo, L. Abbene, E. Caroli et al.
High Energy Monitoring Instrument for Gamma-Ray Burst Studies
K.M. Holmes, B.C. Schratz & S.G. Bilén
Micro-X, The High Resolution Sounding Rocket X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer
P. Wikus, J.S. Adams, R. Baker et al.
Status of the Pilot Balloon-Borne Experiment
C. Engel, P. Ade, J.-Ph. Bernard et al.
Thermal Problems Associated to the Ascent Phase of Stratospheric Balloon Payloads. The SUNRISE Mission
I. Pérez-Grande, A. Sanz-Andrés, N. Bezdenejnykh et al.